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10 Reasons We Love Autumn

  1. Nature’s Palette, the amazing autumnal colours from yellow, orange and gold to red, burgundy and crimson to magenta, berry and purple

  1. Misty mornings that give way to sunshiny days

  1. Conkers- new, shiny and bright, peeking out from their green spiky shells

  1. Embracing your inner child and jumping in piles of autumn leaves

  1. It’s inevitable at some point that we have to bid a fond farewell to flip flops (a lot of screaming inside) the only positive is that we get to wrap ourselves up in fabulous wrap


  1. Snuggling up with blankets, cushions and throws, autumn is all about curling up and getting cosy

  1. Wrapping your hands round a mug of hot chocolate with fluffy mallows, warming mulled wine…or cider!


  1. Comfort food- whether it’s your favoured melt in the mouth casserole or sausage with sinfully rich buttered mash you can’t beat a hearty meal

  1. Winters approach, the nights drawing in gives a perfect excuse to light candles and embrace subdued lighting, with shadows dancing around the darkened walls

  1. Pumpkins, munchkins, gourds, harlequin squash, Turk's turbans, with over 700 species the possibilities are endless. Whether you eat them or decorate with them they are an autumn essential! 






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