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Hexham Scarf by Hortons £39.95 SHOP NOW  ..
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The Lounging Hound – Pure Wool Dog Bone Toy Kate Moby – Inky Cow Coasters Iona Buchanan – Crab Apron  Plucking Fabulous – Pheasant Feather Heart Holly Young – Pheasant Facinator Ali Coulter Art – Amber Airs Tripster & Smith – Tequila Merino Scarf Hortons – Danesfield Bag Clare Shaw – Game On Scarf Mackenzie & George – Badminton Snaffle Bit Belt ..
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“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” GEORGE ELIOT

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Cream Boot Toppers by Hurd & Co £23.00 SHOP NOW  ..
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Helen Round - Garden Collection - Hand Printed Linen Lampshade The Lounging Hound – Faux Fur Throw Harebell Designs – ‘Humphrey’ Longhorn Cow Giclee Print Tripster & Smith – Herringbone Throw – Latte Feathers & Fluff – The ‘Harry’ Bow Tie  Plucking Fabulous – French Partridge Feather Wreath Hyde & Hare – Arundell Cowhide Clutch – White Speckled Chestnut Butler Stewart – Chistopher Waistcoat - Harvest Brown Clare Shaw – Game On Scarf Mackenzie & George – Tetbury Belt Dotty Edition  ..
Our Damson Gin Our Damson Gin Read More
The Country Style’s   Damson Gin   Ingredients: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500g damsons 250g golden caster sugar 1L gin Method: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prick holes in the skin of the damsons and place in a screw top or kilner jar Add the sugar Shake the jar to cover the fruit in sugar Pour in gin, make sure lid is fixed well and shake Shake once a day for two weeks or until the sugar has dissolved Place in a dark cupboard After three months strain and b..
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‘Quintet’ Little Owl Feathers Print by Harebell Designs £40.00 SHOP NOW  ..
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Plucking Fabulous – Feather Hearts The Lounging Hound – Rattan Dog Beds  Whisky Frames – Chime Frame Tiffany Jane Designs – Wagtail Tweed Table Lamp Helen Round – Quayside Linen Napkins Oak at Home – Glass Dome & Oak Board  Mosney Mill – Pheasant Apron St Eval Candle Company – Thyme and Mint Candle Tiffany Jayne Sailing boat Storage Stool Tripster & Smith – Spot Throw ..
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Birdsong Linen Lampshade by Helen Round £55.00 SHOP NOW  ..
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Jin Designs – Sitting Cat & Sleeping Cat Side Plates Oak at Home – Cute Dog Hook The Lounging Hound – Wool Dog Bone Toy Jin Designs – Sitting Dog Mug The Lounging Hound – Classic Twist Dog Bed Koy Clothing – Mwezi Dog Collar Sweet William Designs – Jack Russel Apron Kate Moby – Inky Kitten Tea Towel Berkeley Dog Beds – Wooden Dog Bed Frame Sweet William Designs – Talk to the Paw Cat Bowl ..
10 Signs You're A Bumpkin 10 Signs You're A Bumpkin Read More
 Are you a country bumpkin? Here are 10 sure signs that you grew up in the countryside. 1. When people ask where you’re from you tell them the nearest town. If you give the name of your village to anyone other than a local you’re met with blank, confused expressions.   2. You learnt to drive the instant you turned 17, and still can’t really understand why your ‘town’ friends waited years before getting their licence.   3. ‘Just popping to the shops’ isn’t in your vocabulary. The local shops are a decent car journey away.   4. When you drive ‘town’ friends around ..
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